Weddings & Events 

Let Studio 56 capture the moments of your special day and turn them into everlasting memories for you to

cherish forever, with our dedicated photographer Sandeep Rattan.

With over ten years experience in this field, Sandeep`s friendly and relaxed nature unobtrusively allows him to capture those real life moments and emotions as they happen. From those precious smiles and intimate glances to tears of joy and sadness that tell the story of your big day.

We provide a unique service, customised to your individual requirements.  Services include photography and cinematography at a price that is affordable, as we know that no two weddings are the same.  You can choose wedding day coverage from as little or as much as you require, from bridal party preparations through the days events and ceremonies to reception and evening celebrations, no matter if they are local or international destinations.


Book your wedding consultation to discuss your special day.